Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, wir moechten Sie darueber informieren, dass mit Ende 2015 unser Konto bei der deutschen Bank geschlossen wurde! Wir bitte Sie unsere Bankverbindung in Oesterreich bei der Oberbank Wels zu verwenden!

IBAN: AT41 1513 0002 8137 8554




Floor drains from, gutters and access covers,…

everything from stainless steel Aquatech24 is your speciality retailer for industry and sanitary drainage products

If you are searching for drainage elements for your private bath oasis or for industry buildings, here you can find everything from sanitary floor drains to floor trays from first-class stainless steel – everything at best prices. In our shop you can find a wide range of drainage products. Drainage pipes with sockets are also part of our product range. These are compatible with standard drainage pipes with sockets from PVC or PE. Not only our wide product range but also our high ability to deliver promptly makes us your favourite speciality retailer. Choose our first-class floor drains, trays, gutters, access covers or pipes with sockets from stainless steel and build for the future.

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